NCAPA Weekly Roundup | June 21 - 28, 2016

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NCAPA Weekly Roundup | June 21 - 28, 2016


News and Updates


NCAPA applauds Supreme Court decision to preserve women’s right and access to safe, legal abortion: NCAPA,NAPAWF, APIAHF and APALA were among AAPI groups within our coalition who applauded the Supreme Court decision yesterday to protect women’s health and strike down restrictive abortion laws.


NCAPA disappointed by Supreme Court deadlock over immigration executive actions: NCAPA and member groups were disappointed by the Supreme Court’s 4-4 split regarding the President’s immigration executive actions in U.S. v. Texas, but reaffirmed that we would continue to push for immigration reform and promote the original DACA program. Groups that issued responses are:  AAPCHO, AAJC, APALA , APIAHF, NAKASEC, NAPABA, NAPAWF, NQAPIA, OCA , SAALT, SABA North America and SALDEF. The full list of responses will continue to be posted on the NCAPA website.


NCAPA and members support Supreme Court decision upholding affirmative action: The Supreme Court ruled 4-3 in Fisher v. University of Texas to uphold race-conscious admissions policies. NCAPA and the following members made positive statements: Advancing Justice, NAPABA, AALDEF joint statement, APALA, APIAHF, NAPABA, SALDEF. Also, read this blog by AAJC’s Eugene Chay, breaking down the decision.


NCAPA and 20+ member organizations urge stronger gun control:  Following the recent hate crime in Orlando, NCAPA and more than 20 of its members called on Congress to pass commonsense measures to help prevent gun violence. This is the first time NCAPA has taken a stance on gun control, which includes supporting passage of Senator Chris Murphy's amendment to close loopholes that allow people to buy guns from unlicensed sellers at gun shows or over the internet ‎without passing the required background check.


Coalition calls for an investigation of possible profiling of Asian American scientists: NCAPA, NAPABA, OCA, AAJC, and 77 Asian Pacific American and civil rights organizations sent a letter to the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz seeking an independent investigation into what seems to be a trend of Asian American scientists being arrested and indicted for espionage-related crimes, only to later have all charges dropped without explanation. Read the full letter.


SEARAC Congressional briefing highlights injustice of 20-year-old immigration laws: On Friday, SEARAC held a panel discussion about 20-year-old laws that have resulted in a surge of deportations targeting immigrants and refugees, including those with lawful status. Watch the video.


NCAPA wishes Kelly Honda farewell:  Kelly was our policy and membership manager and oversaw our education and health committees, as well as worked on Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander issues. We wish Kelly all the best in her new adventures!


NCAPA in the News

NBC Asian America highlighted the disappointment over the Supreme Court split in U.S. v. Texas, but also noted that AAPI advocates will not give up the fight for immigration reform, citing NCAPA, APALA, and SAALT.


NBC Asian America also wrote about AAPI advocates, including NCAPA, AAJC, and NAPABA, and reaction to the Supreme Court upholding affirmative action.


NBC Asian America’s Frances Kai-Hwa Wang covered the Congressional Democrats sit-in for gun control, noting that NCAPA and 21 of our members issued a statement urging Congress to act. Wang also cited the 2016 Asian American Voter Survey, led in part by AAJC and APIAVote, that notes a majority of Asian American voters support stricter gun laws.


NBC Asian America’s Marlon Ramtahal wrote about NQAPIA’s Family Acceptance Workshop and how it is helping LGBT children and parents share their experiences and struggles with acceptance in the AAPI community.


NBC Asian America’s Janine Wolf of NBC Asian America has a piece on NAPAWF’s and NCAPA’s reaction to the SCOTUS abortion ruling.


USA TODAY’s Deborah Barfield Berry covered language barriers that voters face during elections and that election material is needed in several languages, as it’s a fundamental right. Terry Ao Minnis from AAJC is a source in the article.


NBC Asian America’s Emil Guillermo mentioned and quoted the coalition letter requesting an investigation into espionage-related charges against Asian American scientists.


In Dissent NewsWire, the Bill Of Rights Defense Committee/Defending Dissent Foundation showed support for the letter NCAPA sent seeking a thorough investigation of possible profiling of Asian American scientists.


Take Action!




  • Tell us your #ImmigrationStoryIn5Words: Continue to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month by tweeting and blogging your immigration story.

  • Share #MyAPALife with CAAM: Share a picture or video — of your family, friends and the experiences that are important to you with the hashtag #MyAPALife and watch the conversation unfold. View the social hub.


In Case You Missed It

In the New York Times, “Why Trump Make Me Scared For My Family,” Aziz Ansari writes about the impact hate-filled rhetoric has on his own family, and all Muslim Americans.


In a Huffington Post Blog, “Nor East Nor West: On Asian American Body Image”, Judy Lee writes about her experiences with an eating disorder and trying to grapple with two cultures body image standards.



NAKASEC still accepting participants for summer program: NAKASEC is seeking applicants for the Summer Youth Empowerment Program, their first summer youth program for high school students in Northern Virginia. More information and application here. (Deadline: July 1)


JACL Kakehashi Project application period open:  The Kakehashi Project allows youth to travel to Japan all expenses paid for about 8 days. The project allows youth to establish cross-cultural relationships with those in Japan. There are three trips to Japan yearly during the fall, winter and spring. For the fall trip the application is due July 15, 2016. The winter and spring trips are due Oct. 1, 2016. You can learn more about the Kakehashi Project here.


USCIS Filipino World War II Veterans Program applications open: Translations about the parole program are now available in Tagalog. Go to to learn more.


Candidates needed for Appointments Project: The White House Presidential Personnel Office is continuing to develop slates for principal, assistant to principal and functional positions. NCAPA and APAICS work with PPO in diversity outreach and are seeking individuals who are interested in an appointment positions for various levels, roles and background experience for agencies. Please help us to identify ideal appointment candidates who are AAPI. Once candidates complete the online application at, they should fill out this form, which will go to NCAPA and APAICS:




Job and Internship Openings

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