Endorse Us for Living Healthy Lives

I endorse the NCAPA description of the need and policy recommendations on Living Healthy Lives.  Specifically, I endorse 

Affordable Care Act Implementation:

Promote access to quality, affordable, and culturally and linguistically competent health care, including comprehensive reproductive, mental and behavioral health care, for AAs and NHPIs by supporting the full funding and implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Access to Services and Treatment:

Reduce health disparities and expand access to preventive services and treatment of hepatitis B, diabetes, human papillomavirus, HIV/AIDS cancer, mental health, and substance use disorders, as well as reproductive health care such as abortion and contraceptives. Support initiatives to reduce health disparaties such as the Health Equity and Accountability Act.

Health Data Collection:

Advocate for the collection, reporting and analysis of standardized, disaggregated demographic and health data on AA and NHPIs in order to reduce health and health care disparities and eliminate barriers to quality health services

Will your organization endorse?