Endorse Us for Advancing Housing and Economic Justice

I endorse the NCAPA description of the need and policy recommendations on Housing and Economic Justice.  Specifically, I endorse 

Community Development and Affordable Rental and Homeownership:
Support the continuing vitality of the Voting Rights Act, including full enforcement of Section 203 (requiring language assistance in the elections process in specific jurisdictions); and ensure access to the voting process for all. U.S. citizens by opposing voter suppression efforts, such as voter photo identification requirements.

Consumer Protection, Asset Building and Financial Security:
Support asset building programs that assist individuals and families to make informed financial decisions, increase savings and develop assets, improve access to credit, and provide strong consumer protections in the financial marketplace .

Job Development and Workforce Protections:
Support workforce investment and economic development programs that create jobs, provide job training opportunities, enhance protections in the workplace and ensure the stability and revitalization of our neighborhoods in rural and urban areas.

Wage Gap:
Support efforts to eliminate current gender wage gaps and support family supportive policies such as paid sick days.

Will your organization endorse?