Endorse Us for Advancing Civil Rights

I endorse the NCAPA description of the need and policy recommendations on Civil Rights.  Specifically, I endorse 

Voting Rights
Support the continuing vitality of the Voting Rights Act, including full enforcement of Section 203 (requiring language assistance in the elections process in specific jurisdictions); and ensure access
to the voting process for all U.S. citizens by opposing voter suppression efforts, such as voter photo identification requirements

Racial and Religious Profiling
Support legislation, such as the End Racial Profiling Act, prohibiting racial and religious profiling by federal, state, and local law enforcement; strengthen the existing Department of Justice Guidance on racial profiling; and oppose measures allowing indefinite detention of individuals without charge

Employment Discrimination and Bias-Based Bullying and Harassment
Support enforcement of existing anti-discrimination policies and passage of legislation, such as theEmployment NonDiscrimination Act, Workplace Religious Freedom Act, and the Student Non-Discrimination Act, which expands anti-discrimination policies to preserve rights of those discriminated against on the basis of race and national origin, as well as gender identity and sexual orientation; and support legislation to combat bias-based bullying in schools, such as the School Safety Improvement Act, and bias-based harassment in other institutions, such as the military.

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