NCAPA Weekly Roundup | March 14-21, 2016

News and Updates

NCAPA and members react to President Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Chief Judge Merrick Garland: Following the President’s announcement Wednesday, NCAPA and its members stood by the President’s nomination and urged Senators to do their jobs: to meet Judge Garland, hold a hearing and a vote. The compiliation of statements, letters and editorials from NCAPA, AAJC, APIAHF, NAPABA, NAPAWF, NCAPACD, SABA-North America and SALDEF is available on

NCAPA supports Reuniting Families Act: NCAPA joined Congressman Mike Honda as he introduced the Reuniting Families Act Thursday, along with other CAPAC members. The Reuniting Families Act would address issues important to our communities by updating the family-based immigration system for the first time in more than 20 years. Read statements of support from NCAPA, NAPABA and OCA.

NCAPA congratulates John B. King Jr. on confirmation as Secretary of Education: We congratulated John B. King Jr on his confirmation and are pleased the Department of Education is providing more opportunities to further the education interests of our communities.

NAPAWF discusses wage gap for Asian American Women Equal Pay Day: March 15 was AAPI Women Equal Pay Day, a day for education that as a whole, AAPI women are paid 86 cents to every dollar that white, non-Hispanic men are paid. When data is disaggregated by ethnicity, the wage gap is even larger. NAPAWF held a Twitter rally with the American Association of University Women raising awareness, and director Miriam Yeung wrote a blog about challenging the model minority myth.

CAAM holds CAAMFest2016: The opening night of this year’s CAAMFest in San Francisco featured “Tyrus,” a documentary about Tyrus Wong, the artist behind “Bambi.” The festival ended Sunday, and the last weekend featured a premiere of “Mele Murals,” the story of Hawaiian artists and how a community art project helps youth development and cultural preservation.

NCAPA in the News

NCAPA National Director reacts to SCOTUS nomination: Watch Christopher Kang on MSNBC as he discusses the civil rights community’s reaction to the President’s Supreme Court nomination. Kristen Clarke of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Dr. Jason Johnson of The Root were also on the panel.

Asian-American Leaders Respond to the Supreme Court Nomination: NBC Asian America highlighted the mostly positive responses from Asian American leaders and group, including NCAPA and members AAJC and SALDEF.

The importance of racial diversity in our courts: SAALT’s Lakshmi Sridaran is quoted in an Associated Press article that talks about diversity on the Supreme Court and the disappointment some feel about the President’s nomination.

Sen. Hirono Co-Introduces STEM Booster Act, Honors Women on Senate Floor: Big Island Now reports on The Women and Minorities in STEM Booster Act, introduced by Senator Hirono and Representative Carolyn Maloney. NCAPA supports the legislation, which would provide support and mentoring to women and minorities interested in STEM fields.

Take Action!

Sign on for Language Preference on the Mortgage Application:

Sign the petition to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop the obstruction of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee:

Share your family reunification story: NCAPA’s immigration committee is collecting stories to help immigrant families by advocating for the Reuniting Families Act. Please share widely the story collection form:

In Case You Missed It

Behind Barbed Wire: Remembering America's Largest Internment Camp: NBC Asian America spoke with five Americans who recounted the years they spent at Tule Lake Relocation Center and how the Japanese American community fought back. Watch the videos and stories documenting their struggles throughout the years.

White House Appointee Alissa Ko To Focus on Working for AAPI Families: NBC Asian America features Alissa Ko, the new White House associate director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs. As she will focus on opportunities for AAPI families, NCAPA and its members look forward to working with her.


CAAM Media Fund: CAAM’s Media Fund is taking submissions for documentary projects to provide funding to independence productors for national public television. (Deadline: March 21)

Call for volunteers for NAKASEC: NAKASEC is seeking volunteers who are interested in engaging with the Korean & Asian American communities in Northern Virginia. Civic engagement volunteers will assist with naturalization clinics, voter registration and education activities, precinct walking, phone banking, and general voter outreach in the community.  Immigrant rights volunteers will assist with DACA outreach, education, and application assistance.

3rd Annual Art as a Voice call for submissions: The Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project is looking for poetry, music, visual art, craft or objects from one’s own cultural identity as part of their annual Art as a Voice event to speak out against abuse. If you have questions or submissions, contact Marie Ramos at [email protected] by April 14. The event will take place April 21, and they are also looking for volunteers. (Deadline: April 14)

Appointments Project: The White House Presidential Personnel Office is continuing to develop slates for principal, assistant to principal and functional positions. NCAPA and APAICS continue to work with PPO in diversity outreach and are seeking individuals who are interested in an appointment positions for various levels, roles and background experience for agencies. Please help us to identify ideal appointment candidates who are AAPI. Once candidates complete the online application at, they should fill out this form, which will go to NCAPA and APAICS:

NCAPA Events

Other Events

Job and Internship Openings

NAPAWF: Policy & Legislative Affairs Director in D.C. (Deadline: March 31)

APAICS: Fellowship Program (Deadline: April 29)

HND/HAP: Policy Director in St. Paul, MN

NAPABA: Meetings Coordinator in D.C. (New)

NAKASEC Fellowships (4 Available): Youth Engagement, Advocacy, DACA Outreach, and Civic Participation Fellows in Northern Virginia/D.C.

National CAPACD: Civic Engagement Coordinator in D.C.

Program Assistant in Oakland, CA

SAALT: Community Partnerships Coordinator in Takoma Park, MD or New York, NY

External job (including Hill) opportunities:

Scholarship/Training Opportunities

SALDEF: SikhLEAD Leadership Development Program (Deadline: Sunday, March 27)

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