NCAPA Weekly Roundup | Dec. 11 - 18, 2015

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News and Updates

NCAPA leaders rally against anti-Muslim hate: At the Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During World War II on Wednesday, NCAPA members came together against anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry. We also were joined by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Rana Singh Sodhi, the brother of first victim of a post 9/11 hate crime. For our press release and full summary, read and share here, and read many of the rally remarks here. Also, see statements by NCAPA organizations so far here. National Director Christopher Kang also wrote about the need to “See Something, Say Something” with respect to hatred and prejudice.

New executive committee elected at NCAPA annual retreat: During last week’s annual NCAPA retreat for executive directors, SEARAC Executive Director Quyen Dinh was elected to serve as NCAPA chair in 2016-17. Other new members of the executive committee are Kathy Ko Chin (APIAHF) and Michelle Kauhane (CNHA). Gregory Cendana and Mee Moua will continue to serve, along with Miriam Yeung, who previously was vice-chair of communications and development and is the newly-elected treasurer. We thank Lisa Hasegawa, Priscilla Ouchida, and Jasjit Singh for their service on the EC. Look out for a formal announcement in the new year!

Why affirmative action matters for AAPIs: Last week, Christopher Kang and Eugene Chay of AAJC made remarks at an affirmative action rally on the day of oral arguments in the Fisher II case outside the Supreme Court to show that AAPIs support and benefit from affirmative action policies. The rally was organized by the National Action Network and called on the Supreme Court to uphold race-conscious admissions policies.

One person, one vote: Last week, NCAPA also urged the Supreme Court to preserve equal representation in Evenwel v. Abbott, a case that will decide whether everyone in America--regardless of whether they are registered or eligible to vote--will be entitled to equal representation, known as the “one person, one vote” principle.

NCAPA praises passage of omnibus spending bill: NCAPA commended the passage of the bipartisan omnibus spending bill and celebrated the wins for our communities. Read more.

Asian Pacific Americans Count. So Start Counting Us Already: Read and share the Huffington Post blog from Christopher Kang about the omission of Asian Pacific Americans from major polling data.


Take Action!

CNHA - Support Federal Recognition for Native Hawaiians: Sign the supporter card to support the proposed rule for self-governance for Native Hawaiians. (Deadline: Dec. 30)

MPOWER Change Petition - The “Stop Inciting Hatred Against Innocent People” petition calls on the New York Post and other media outlets to stop using rhetoric against innocent communities following tragedies.

APIASF - “We Are Not The Same” or #NotTheSame celebrates the unique stories of AAPI students and challenges stereotypes.

NAKASEC - Adoptee Defense Fund: Sign a petition to support Korean adoptee Adam Crasper who now faces deportation.

NCAPA - Support as an individual or organization an independent investigation on potential profiling of Asian American scientists:

NCAPIP - Screen at 23 focuses on the importance of screening for diabetes in the Asian American community, as our communities are at risk for type 2 diabetes at the body mass index of 23.

Find Your Park - Share your National Park Story:


Other Announcements

Appointments Project: The White House Presidential Personnel Office (responsible for presidential appointments)  is continuing to develop slates for principal, assistant to principal and functional positions. NCAPA and APAICS continue to work with PPO in diversity outreach and are seeking individuals who are interested in an appointment positions for various levels, roles and background experience for agencies (e.g. speech writers, digital background, policy, etc.). Please help us to identify ideal appointment candidates who are AAPI. Once candidates complete the online application at, they should fill out this form, which will go to NCAPA and APAICS:

NAPABA Pro Bono General Counsel Program: This program provides AAPI organizations pro bono legal advice and counsel that they cannot afford. Get the application for organization and application for attorneys.

SABA North America: Request for Convention Programming Ideas



APIASF: Scholarship Opportunities

HND: Educational Scholarships (Undergraduate and graduate students. Deadline: Jan. 11)

JACL: Kakehashi Project (For March trip)

JACL: Teacher Training Workshops for Summer 2016

JACL/OCA Leadership Summit: JACL application available here

SEARAC: Leadership and Advocacy Training (LAT)

SEARAC: Leadership, Empowerment, and Advocacy Fellowship (LEAF)


Job and Internship Openings

Race Forward/America Healing Racial Equity Anchors Collaborative Project: Anchor Collaboration Coordinator/Planner. This position will help plan a big collaboration between the W. K. Kellogg Foundation anchor organizations. Please share widely.

APAICS: Summer 2015 Internship

APIAHF (Oakland):

Finance & Administrative Systems Associate

Accounting Manager

Accounting Specialist

APIAVote: Internship Program in D.C.

APIASF: Development Manager in D.C.

HND/HAP: Policy Director in St. Paul, MN


Economic Justice Program Coordinator in D.C.

Reproductive Justice Program Director in D.C.

Field Organizer in Atlanta


Higher Education Policy Advocate in D.C.

Boys & Men of Color Coordinator in Sacramento


External job (including Hill) opportunities:


NCAPA Events

Friday, Jan. 22 - Saturday, Jan. 23: APAICS Regional Leadership Academy - SoCal

Saturday, Feb. 26 - Tuesday, March 1: JACL/OCA Leadership Summit

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