NCAPA Members Submit Testimony to DNC and RNC

Written Testimony: Hearing on “Willful Blindness – The Consequences of Agency Efforts to De-Emphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism”

NCAPA Weekly Roundup | June 21 - 28, 2016

NCAPA Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Preserve Women’s Right and Access to Safe, Legal Abortion

NCAPA Hails Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Affirmative Action in Higher Education

NCAPA Disappointed by Supreme Court’s Deadlock over Immigration Executive Actions

Coalition Calls on Inspector General to Investigate Possible Profiling of Asian American Scientists

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans Says "Enough," Urges Congress to Pass Stronger Gun Control Measures

NCAPA Weekly Roundup | June 10 - 17, 2016

Asian American and Pacific Islander Civic and Civil Rights Groups Urge Cable News Networks to Improve On-Air Diversity

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans Celebrates Fourth Anniversary of DACA

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans Calls for Support of LGBTQ Community following Orlando Tragedy; Urges Unity and Opposes Anti-Muslim Rhetoric and Policies

NCAPA Weekly Roundup | June 1 - 9, 2016

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Begins Application Rollout of Program Benefitting Filipino World War II Veterans

National Council of Asian Pacific Americans Provides Testimony regarding Democratic Platform